Farmers Market Menu

vegetable egg rolls
Vegetable Egg Rolls

Soup and Starters

Add one appetizer to any dish for just $1.50!

$7 Tom Yum Soup - 16oz.

hot and sour, lemongrass, mushrooms, chicken

$5 Vegetable Egg Rolls - 4 ea.

$5 Fried Gyoza - 4 ea.

chicken and vegetables

$1.5 Egg Roll or Fried Gyoza- 1 ea.

Green Curry with Chicken

Main Courses

All dishes include steamed white rice, add brown rice for just +$1

$10 Stir Fried Ginger Chicken

rotating authentic Thai stir-fried chicken dish

$10 Chicken Fried Rice

our delicious Thai classic

$10 Massaman Curry

aromatic yellow curry, chicken, potato, onion, peanuts

$10 Vegan Panang Curry

intense and fragrant, red curry, tofu, kaffir lime
Thai Iced Tea


Try our delicious Thai tea and coffee!

$4 Iced Thai Tea

choice of half & half or vegan milk

$4 Iced Thai Coffee

choice of half & half or vegan milk

$2 Soda

$1 Bottled Water

mango and sticky rice
Mango and Sticky Rice


$5 Mango and Sticky Rice

White Rice


$1.5 Steamed White Rice

$2 Steamed Brown Rice

Full Flavor Thai Food! Vicky's Thai Kitchen creates authentic dishes with the bold flavor combinations which made the cuisine of Thailand world famous. We use fresh ingredients to bring the tastes of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the gorgeous Southern beaches right to you!